Game freezes, have to restart computer…

  • I tried different methods, but I just give up… When I try something, and it does not work, I have to restart the god damn computer. So please help :I

    Yeah, and here is my Log:

  • The log is showing missing objects. Can you try reverifying your game cache? It may have some corrupted files that need to be redownloaded

  • weird thing is some people are having trouble joining a server, and i think the game thinks they are missing map files and such… this happened on beta if you joined into a server with a custom map… not the same issue but the missing files thing might be an issue with a lot of people right now.

    My game was crashing every time i recorded video with afterburner, and only after the patch… so something is certainly wrong.

    I’m not having any crash issues currently though … luck of the draw i guess.

  • Oh and when I went to one of those directx folders and runned the programs and tried repairing them, I could play training mode, the game did not freeze, or crash. It worked fine, but when I tried to make a server with bots, it crashed :/ Also, my game got a problem finding online servers, but first I wanna solve this problem ofc.

  • Developer

    Did you try running a verify, was that part of the “different methods” you attempted? Can you post any .dmp files from the log directory, if there are any?

    Edit: Why do you have to restart the computer? Everything just freezing? In that case, this may be hardware or driver-related.

  • Found no dmp files. It might be my hard drive (c:), it got 2,1 gb space left… But, steam and all my games are installed on my other hard drive (a:) which have 1,19 tb left… Well, I’m going to restore my computer in christmas some time. I’ll just hope it works after that!

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