Im looking for a clan/guild/faction.

  • hey I’m new to this forum, and am actually new to gaming groups(other than in mmos) and was wondering if any groups will take me, i play age of chivalry, and have been since either 2008 or 2009, cant remember.
    I do believe I am pretty good at the game.
    Also, I dont have ventrilo or teamspeak(as i am quite shy with my mic, although if I cant get a point/message across by typing, I will use my voice)
    anyways, I’m looking for a friendly guild with a good playerbase(not a huge one though)
    Thanks in advance.

    Edit: my steam name is Simo Häyhä, so if you are a steam guild, add me there.

  • I’m also looking for a clan if anyone is recruiting (I don’t mean to steal your thread).

  • I’m reforming the Clan ‘The Blood Sacrifice’ or -[BS]-. You’re welcome to add me on steam under the name ‘scotnay’ and we can have a talk.

    We were one of the original clans for the mod Age of Chivalry originally lead by Chivalry: Medieval Warfare’s main man :)

  • blackbird i sent you a steam request i’ve never really played pc games but im a quick learner and im looking forward to this game and i think a clan would help me out a lot

  • Mmmm…where’s the picture of Steve with his sword when you need it.

  • @b3h47pte:

    Mmmm…where’s the picture of Steve with his sword when you need it.

  • I’d like to offer another alternative, the Playground players is another of the oldest clans still running. So if your interested check out our Guildhall post, our website at or add me on steam: psychoalex. Either way I hope to meet you upon the battlefield.

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