A Shinobi's thoughts on Classes [LONG]

  • Worth noting that Beta is Beta. I’m having a great time in it, really enjoy what TB has brought together. Got about 600 hours in Base Chiv and am looking forward to pouring more into this expansion.

    The knight feels decent enough, familiar from MW, but the limitation on the class is what I personally think makes the knight somewhat boring. I think it’s cool that the Halberd is now in the hands of the knight, but at the same time, everything other weapon available are choices you wouldn’t think twice about passing up on.
    They have very obvious builds right now, that I think negate what should be the most versatile, approachable and familiar class of the bunch. Give the knight access to more 1handers from MW, I personally want flail now what we have Heater shield.
    And that’s the last point about knights… Forcing a knight to miss a secondary weapon option to choose a shield is really difficult to understand considering that Vikings and Spartans get shield by default. Why can’t the knights not just have the shield on their back?
    Being able to switch to a defensive posture at any time seems useful. They can’t throw em, and they can’t combo-bash attack with them, so I don’t think the option would greatly hinder the game.

    I think ranged options should be primary selection only, so if you choose an Xbow, you clearly advocate your ‘ranged’ role. Rather than a hybrid scenario, which is often too good to pass up on right now.

    This is the class that I play the most, the one most dear to my heart. And I quite like what TB has done with them. I myself can be quite powerful If I play correctly, but the ninja’s weakness have little to do with their armor.
    The Metsubushi, and the smoke are 2 different objects that essentially do the same thing in different ways. When you use them, you’re essentially trying to achieve the same result, which is confusion.
    I know that people could say that the smoke is used to cover your retreat or advance, that’s how i use it, but - It is really not all that effective in it’s current state.
    An idea for fixing this, would be to combine the two tools into one, mechanically. The smoke bomb, now when thrown, does it’s normal effect–BUT–, to those that enter it, on their side they are affected by vision impairment which is given by the metsu mechanic we’re already familiar with(no stun). The new smoke has no stamina drain, it is purely visual impairment.

    Now, the metsu, I think should be given a more combat role.
    Give it the stun back, to simulate that moment where they’re forced to blink from the haze, keep it’s current stamina drain, and add decals on the floor where the powder falls to clearly mark the area that will effect the stam drain.

    • I’d like to have a more visible indication of where my shurikens flew. Glow effect?
    • I think ninja should always be able to hear other ninjas footsteps, effectively meaning the only person a ninja can get an easy jump on is one NOT trained in the stealth art. I think it might make ninja fights a little bit more of a face off.
      -Slight speed increase, to give hit and run tactics more of a viability. (or maybe simply no chase mechanic trigger on ninja?)
      -Slight jump increase.
      Ninja roll currently works pretty well, but I have some inconsistency. Back/forward rolls I would love to see have actual travel to them. Where the ninja leaps back, or leaps forward and rolls. The current roll doesn’t appear to be for movement, but just evasion, I’d like to see both.
      And as a last thought, I’d like to see a new item for the ninja. It wouldn’t be a special ninja tool, but it would simply be a tripwire. A ninja would only get 1, and it would have a few uses once set.
      The ninja would set it up at a door way, and anyone who walks over it is simply flinched, or ‘tripped’ - and in that moment the ninja pounces on the opponent.
      Ambushing is a ninja tactic needed to survive, i would like to see items that encourage that playstyle.

    I don’t have much to chime in on the Samurai, as I find them to be quite enjoyable and not too tough to take down either, no matter the class.
    Somethings that I think would be interesting though, would be an implementation of 1h/2h their applicable swords. (Katana/Wakizashi) In the same way I knight can wield his longsword with 1h, or 2hs, I think it wouldn’t hurt too much to have that be doable for the samurai as well. I only say this because I am familiar with Miyamoto Musashi’s ‘two heavens’ style, which the user wields his Katana with 1 hand. and
    While Musashi was considered an ‘unorthodox’ Samurai for his time… he’s also arguably the greatest swordsmen known. (don’t cite me on that).
    Also, as with the ranged selection for Knights, I think ranged weapons should be primary only. As to clearly separate on the battlefield the role of the warrior.
    Even though Samurai could just wield a Katana, this is really to avoid people using massive 1handers, and a lithe ranged weapon at the same time.

    I don’t play them that much, but I would like to see more bladed weapons for them.
    More swords would be welcomed, a rapier for example…
    I also think it would be neat, giving a nod to realism, for pistols users rather than having to reload their weapons to instead come with 5 or 6 pistols strapped to their character, that they blast, toss aside (can also throw) and retrieve the next for a quicker succession of blasts. Much like real pirates supposedly did it.
    I think it would make the pistols users a bit more focused, in knowing that they have the ability to blast shots faster, but have limited shots before they must take to the blade.
    And leaving the blunderbuss more or less unchanged… you’d have 2 separate styles of pirates that are a bit more clear, than they are now.

    And if not, I think that the pirate guns shouldn’t damage and stun through shields.
    It should be one or the other, either stopping the opponent in his tracks from getting close, or hurting the player (but not stunning) while they charge madly towards guns. Doing damage through shield+flinching everything they hit is very very powerful in groups.
    Plus we’re warriors that have no knowledge of gunpowder weapons, so can’t we just argue that they’d be ignorantly charging at them anyway without fear?

    I like the viking. No real suggestions other than I’d like to see more implied to their berserking role… Maybe make the first swing free? or maybe the 2nd swing in the combo free, all else after draining stamina…
    I’m not sure of it’s wide effects, but I do think it would encourage Vikings to go a little bit more offensive without having to slow down. Which is the point right?
    Also, the shield throw is obviously very powerful. But something I noticed that I thought was an interesting thing about the vikings, is that you can really risk a lot by throwing all your weapons.
    Give that same feeling to the shield. Make the shield ‘break’ after 3 throws, further increasing the ‘risk vs reward’ style of the vikings.

    I like the spartan, at the moment feels very well rounded.
    I don’t think they really need a dedicated ranged option, because if they just stack javelin– They’ve got it right there…
    The issues with spartan don’t come from the class, but more the lack of player interest in emulating actual, useful spartan tactics.

    I was going to write a post that was aimed at all things in general… but after looking at the amount of text from just thinking about the classes, I decided to make it just about… Will likely posts more on different aspect of the game. Hope to see some of ya’ll on the field.

  • Gonna chime in on Ninja,
    I feel the roll (I’ve said this a few times) should be able to interrupt your own attacks. A Ninja shouldn’t have to wait for their attack to finish up in order to roll, they should be able to roll at any time. The roll could also use some extra distance, currently it sometimes cannot even get you out of the effective reach of some weapons.

    I fully agree that the Ninja needs a speed boost, but not a slight one. I think a moderate noticeable speed boost is in order, as it will compliment our supposed hit and run tactics that currently are difficult to do seeing as how we move at nearly the same speed as everyone else.

    I also think the Ninja weapons could use a speed boost to further help with the hit and run tactics. Because we spend so much time swinging/stabbing/chopping when we are in combat it’s difficult to get in and out when we need to, if the weapons were sped up a bit we could more effectively utilize this tactic.

    Otherwise, great critiques!

  • I also fully support this one! yes, ninjas are in short term “weak” and they should atleast buff this class.

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