Static meshes. how to make them collide?

  • hello everyone, i am currently making a big colloseum map, but i am using a static mesh. that i want to use as walls around the arena, but the player ( me ) do not collide with them, but walk through, my weapons collide and interact like a normal wall, how to make the player collide to thx :D

  • You have to create additional mesh for collision with UCX prefix or use per-poly collision if you want most accurate collisions (however if you use a lot meshes with per-polly collision there might be SOME performance hit, although I’m not sure).
    Here’s a tutorial for UCX collision:

    EDIT: I’m assuming you are creating your own custom static mesh. If not, then refer to mezhulol’s post.

  • Select the static mesh, hit F4 to open the properties window. Search for the Collision tab and make sure the Block Rigid Body, and Can Step Up On options are both enabled. On the Collision Type menu, select Collide_BlockAll.
    Then look for the Static Mesh Component tab-> Collision subtab, and repeat the above steps.
    If this didn’t fix the issue, please tell me which mesh you’re trying to work with and I’ll take a look.

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