Can you stats showing for duels?

  • Hi, basically by this I mean the win/loss ratio, basically I keep finding myself playing in a way that I don’t find that fun to try and get more wins as theres a very obnoxious YOU LOST THIS MANY system right now showing you the ratio after every duel.

    I know a lot of people will just say ignore it but honestly I find it very hard to ignore something which is displayed right after every match, I would love to play just for fun without the wins/losses being monitored but right now its very hard to because of this. I realise most people wont understand and will think I’m crazy for saying I want to play for fun but can’t help but play to get better stats… I can’t either really I just know its an annoying thing I do. I had the same issue with PS2, I loved it till I found the stats section then I spent all my time trying to keep my k/d ratio going up which led to me quitting as it was getting to annoying.

    Hopefully a few other people understand what I’m on about, and as for devs it would be great to just have an option to not show the show the stats.

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