Spawn Points

  • @Kimiko:

    There was an update to Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior Beta today. Patch notes listed below:

    • Smaller versions of Bamboo, Acropolis, and Valley

    • Hint popup (can be disabled in Input settings)

    • Training enabled

    • Spawn point adjustments

    • Updated UI

    • Updated config screen

    • Collision fixes

    • Fixes to tracers

    • Improved spread on Blunderbuss

    • Kill feed improvements

    • Spectators now shown as spectators rather than blue team

    • Viking feint fixed

    • Ragdoll improvements

    • Viking shield pickup now goes straight to back

    • Pirate rum bottle/fire effect now deals 50% damage to himself

    • Able to throw both 2-handed axes if equipped in both weapon slots

    • Pirate rum is now healing properly

    • Can now pick up spears from dead bodies

    • Improved character light settings

    • Old 2 “throw” key, changed to G

    • Autobalance improvements and enabled by default

    Temporary fix for one-button dodge.

    Please note, there were a lot of changes today, so there may be things not listed in these patch notes. Also remember, this is in BETA, so we’ll add more changes/fixes/additions as we go. Thanks!

    Hi Guys,

    I have noticed that although in the patch notes above it says that the spawn points are fixed I feel that there still remain at least one issue.

    This especially occurs in FFA maps. What happens is after killing somebody they spawn very close to you, even behind you sometimes. This sometimes can result in them spawning in front of you with their back to you giving you an easy kill and them frustration. Other times you get killed from behind while walking away from a fight.

    This is a bit silly. Is it possible to fix this so that when a person is killed by another person they do not spawn in spawn points that are in close proximity?

    Is there any other spawn issues you guys have noticed?

    Thanks torn banner.


  • The spawning is a lot better although the same situation happend to a buddie of mine a couple times yesterday, spawning right behind the guy who just killed him like three times lol.

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