Udk.exe dissapeared from your last patch? seriously

  • good work on releasing the sdk torn banner, i think you made alot of people very happy.

    somehow though your patch is erasing peoples udk.exe file and causing them to uninstall and reinstall the entire game, i know at least 3 or 4 people that it happened too so i can only imagine how many people world wide who cant play.

    just thought yall should know, that your last patch is sumhow deleting peoples games exe files which is kinda messed up and can only imagine how it makes you guys look in the eyes of people it happened too.

    a buddy of mine spent 6 hrs downloading and reinstalling the game again last night for it to not work again, this is pretty bad and hopefully is looked into before alot more people give up on this game and its long list of continuous problems expecially after patches.

  • A similar thing happened to me after I installed DW. The entire game randomly uninstalled itself after it was trying to do a fake update that never existed :P

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