Bugs still in DW also apparent in Chiv.

  • Hey,

    1. I really like the new expansion DW, but I can see that this particular bug is still apparent. See attached image. Sometimes when spawning, I have only seen it when spawning on a server for the first time, there is a part of the screen “stuck” as a watermark.

    2. Lagspikes like the ones in Chiv are still apparent. It seems like the latency is alright, but suddenly there will be a server wide lag spike. It’s like it’s building up until things are forced in sync with a large lag spike. I really hope you take a good look at the netcode for DW. It would be sad if this problem wasn’t fixed. I’m sure it is fixable by your, now larger than ever, dedicated team.

    Ty for the good gameplay so far.

  • This bug is from bloom. If you turn off bloom, you’ll never see that again I swear.

    Also, the quick way to get rid of it when you start in game with it, is to simply alt-tab out and back in.
    Doing that will always eliminate the problem. And when it happens IN-GAME, while playing, you simply look back at the spot, which left that ‘burn in’ to have it disappear.

    I’d consider this barely a bug for Chivalry, it’s more of a graphical error, and… it takes but 1 second to alleviate. Anyway, hope it works out and you can avoid this in the future.


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