Game freeze after new patch

  • I have a total game freeze since the new patch. Has happened a few times now.

    The game just freezes, no response at all from the game. I can get back to windows, but the only thing I can see is the taskbar, the desktop area is white. The mouse renders and icons respond in the task bar, but the point and screen are all white on the desktop, the mouse isn’t rendered when above the task bar either.

    I can right click on the game and try to force it to close, but it doesn’t respond.

    The only thing that fixes it is a complete reboot.

    Unfortunately I have changed a bunch of stuff recently. Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bit, nvidia GTX760 and R331.58 drivers that were just released. So it could be OS, brand new drivers, or new game patch.

    Anyone have any input that would help me narrow it down? How is the performance with the new nvidia drivers for everyone else?

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