• @Andrew:


    It’s a localization thing that is not ideal for the sdk. It uses string variables from AOCmaps and plugs in the associated text. It is something that still needs work/to be removed on the code side of things.


    We do still need to separate localization and configs for mods out from that of the main game. Most of the Kismet nodes let you just pass through strings unlocalized; if that one doesn’t, I’ll make a note to change it so it does.

    This is still a problem and the SDK is due to go live. Do I need to make a custom version of AOCMaps or will this be unlocalised soon?

    EDIT: My bad, it works now.

  • Is it? Objective markers and descriptions display properly now, for me at least.

  • Yeah I just noticed my beta was still updating.

    It’s all good. Please disregard.

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