Advanced Players Only Tutorial

  • Have you guys managed to get through all of it? I can’t x).

    I can pass the room (well it’s outside there’s water and a bridge) where you are attacked by 2 or 3 ninjas + a viking + a spartan + a pirate only throwing fire thing but after that. The next room is hardcore…

    So if anyone managed to get through, how did you? Which class? Any specific advices?

    PS: Don’t spoil what’s after that :p.

  • I did manage to get through the room with a samurai (Took me 8 tries though!). But the stage after this… What the hell? Seriously: Without exploiting or cheating this isn’t possible!

    The only really dangerous thing in the room your stuck, is the pirat. When entering the room, run to the left stair and then towards the pirat in the middle, dodge 3 of his shots on your way, and quickly kill him. Then jump to the left, most enemies can’t follow you. Separated they are pretty easy.

  • I got past that with sprint around looking up (he can’t hit you properly if you look up) and spamming the chasers, but Lord whats-his-face is impossible :(

  • I believe it has no end now and may be bugged, but I haven’t done it recently. Earlier incarnations of the Gauntlet were possible as I have completed it myself and know two other people who did on the same day as well.

    Same people told me the current one is bugged/impossible though, mostly because of projectile spam auto-hits because the AI doesn’t just fire at empty space anymore and actually tracks you.

  • Its not supposed to be completely. That was their intention.

    There’s 5 rooms and in the 5th room they just keep spawning. At least that was the intention they said in the alpha.

  • @HammelGammel: yeah i guess i was killed by the pirate every time. But on the top left corner the symbol of what killed me was a pistol and a bardiche x). Like “Bot1 pistol_symbol bardiche_symbol MrGoodKill” If you see what i’m talking about…
    Anyway i was playing a knight so was not that easy to run faster than them. In the mean time I’ve discovered the viking’s OP shield so i’ll try again with that :p.

    @Dragonmith: Ok, i’m not a huge fan of glitching but if can’t do it any another way i’ll try that :).

    @Daiyuki: I’m just trying to get past the room where it’s not bugued yet but thanks ^^.

    @lemonater47: Thank you kind sir, now i know when to stop :).

  • 1. Take samurai
    2. Take nodachi
    3. Spam slashes and kite bots while running in circles.

  • That’s exactly what i did lol. So i killed them all in that room and then it was writen: “3,2,1”, a shitload of bots spawned and I got killed. But yeah basically running in circle is the solution so not really funny. Especially if they spawn endlessly.

  • Played the Gauntlet to hell. Furthest I got was after the 3…2…1… with the Lord Pain Samurai dude. Killed him and managed to clear the room killing the other 4 or 5 bots but then 4 or 5 more just enter and I get slaughtered anyway. :D

    That was when I really started to think it might be an unwinnable survival thing.

  • Yeah I got up to the Lord samurai guy and got killed by the massive bot spawn.

  • I used console codes to win…sorta. The final stage has unlimited bots so I gave up after about 10 minutes

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