Opinion on Deadliest Warrior (Competitive Play potential)

  • So these days im hardly round these forums anymore but… from my time playing DW I have concluded that its an amusing diversion, I had good fun playing it with a friend cackling at the silliness of it all: the first time we heard the samurai laugh and immediately declaring it to be Mr Chow from the hangover, giggling as a horde of ninjas suddenly randomly scuttled round a corner to chop us to bits… etc etc. Its bizarre and fun for a while.

    Then the humour gets old, and I am simply left with this unpleasant feeling that this game is unlikely to keep me occupied for long, like MW did. Something about it just feels wrong, it feels ‘floaty’, it doesnt feel chunky and solid like MW - even though the list of stuff wrong with that game could go on for hours. Its hard to elaborate, even.

    Attacks seem far less precise now, with flailing around the order of the day - hit trades all over the place, movement speed at silly levels. Feels like an arcade slasher, naught more. People possibly disagree - its my opinon and I’ve already seen a couple of opinion threads around so i dont care for that here but…

    Im more curious to see what people think of the game from a organised teamplay/competitive perspective. I was never one of the very top players for chiv but I did fit in pretty well at higher clan level for my part with syn. <3

    From this background - to my own senses, this new game is a wild arcade hack n slasher - fun for a while but - that lacks the same requirement of finesse that made chivalry so good despite its certain quality decline over various patches (of course opinion), its longstanding flaws and lack of content (fact). BUT ANYWAY MOVING ON…

    So if any of the people that used to/still (heh heh) play Chiv competitively and scrim for a team are still around here, I’d like to hear your opinion! If you see potential for high level competition in this game then point it out and it might change my mind, in fact i desperately want to.

    All opinions are obviously somewhat welcome but im not exactly looking for the standard opinions of people that only played pubs for chiv. Sorry lol, its not really a perspective that i want given im talking purely about organised teamplay. SORRY FOR MY ELITISM BREHS. I TRULY AM.

  • What i think: alot of potential but unused at the moment

    Base balance is decent. CFTP and more player control NEEDS to come back. Flinch needs to get fixed. This will fix the hittrade nonsense and “spammy” feel of the game. Pop bubble completely, fix fps problems and retarded bugs, promote competitive play and custom maps -> great fucking game for competitive/general

  • Basically what Crushed is saying, has potential, but still far off. When the game gets better I may be running Multi TDM Tourney’s on my server. 6 people each team.

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