Help me! Does it work in Germany?

  • Could anybody help me? I´m coming from germany and I dunno wether I can buy it in Germany.
    Maybe it will be cuted by USK or something else.
    If I´m buying the game now do I can/will play the game (in Steam)? And what if not?
    Thanks :) 8-)

  • Does it work in Germany?

  • Hello it should work anywhere as far as i know because its going to be on steam if you pre order over this site or any site.

    You can use a paypal purchase to contribute to the devs directly when buying the game.

  • Are you pretty sure? I don´t wanna have a not-working game for 24,99$ :(…

  • Guys, I believe he is talking about German censorship. If a game has to much gore it must either be heavily censored for their region or not sold at all. Steam included.

  • im from germany, too and the question whether the game will work for german customers or not is also my last concern hindering me buying chivalry.
    as far as i know a german usk rating is necessary for a company to do advertising over here, so if the game is not rated there will be no advertising for it, but you can still get it.
    if its rated, games like this one will usually be cut for the german market.
    in both cases you can get the game and play it (especially if you have a physical copy)

    my problem is, that for instance you cant buy dead island via steam germany. its not available for me.
    so im wondering if an “external” chivalry steamkey would bypass this since steam knows where i am^^(unlike with a physical, non steam copy)

  • Können Sie es nochmal auf Deutsch sagen, Sir?

  • hi

    i am from germany and it works just fine. there are even servers located in germany on which i already have played. the game is even localized already, you can choose if u wanna play it in german or in english language. and its uncut aswell.


    ich bin aus deutschland und es funktioniert einwandfrei. es gibt sogar server aus deutschland, auf denen ich schon gezockt hab. das spiel wurde so gar bereits lokalisiert, man kann sich entscheiden, ob man es aus deutsch oder englisch spielen will. zudem is es uncut.

  • When you activate a key / hard copy you’ve bought abroad (foreign websites count as abroad afaik) on a German steam account you always get the uncensored version. Or a bug occurs and you have to annoy steam support enough so they uncensor your game (they willingly do that). The reason indexed games don’t appear on German steam store is it is not allowed to advertise it in Germany (selling/buying is ok though). When you want to buy such a game, you will have to ask the store whether they have it before they can admit that and sell it to you. rollseyes And steam just doesn’t include such a feature.

  • just buy the game from THIS webpage, the games homepage like i did and u are fine. uncut and all.

  • just pre ordered the game from this site and activated it on steam. everything went fine.
    i like the preorder “thank you” picture!
    and say:
    you are welcome!

  • Are they still doing this censoring crap?
    My German Red Orchestra 2 version was pretty gory as well (only Swastikas removed). Maybe gore isn’t a problem anymore…

    Also preordered Chivalry here. Hopefully this will work just fine.

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