Tons of issues. (DC, sound, stats)

  • I want to like this game. But…It’s almost unplayable. I started playing again a couple days ago after not playing for about 3-5 months. I figured the game would be more polished after all the patches I saw loading. It’s worse.

    1.) I will be playing just fine, and the game with randomly freeze. Shortly after (5-10 seconds) the game will close, and also Steam will close. I can start Steam right back up, as well as Chivalry. No error messages. This will happen at least once an hour.

    EDIT - I am getting a DEP (Data Execution Protection) “error” when the game closes. Windows apparently thinks something naughty is happening. I also notice the game is using roughly 1.6-1.7 GBs of system RAM when it closes. Does this suggest memory leak, or something else?

    2.) Some times on map changes I will lose sound during the map loading. My speakers will make a little pop noise, and then no in-game sounds. If I exit the server and go to the main menu, I hear music. If I join a server again, no sound. If I alt-tab out and back in, my speakers make the pop noise, but still no sound. If I close the game and restart it, the sound comes back.

    3.) I only play on official servers, and yet I still experience the problem with weapon kills not saving. Thus causing weapon unlocks to take an unbearable amount of time to make happen.

    –----I have the latest Steam updates, and I am not opted into the beta. I have very recent graphics card drivers, and sound drivers, as far as I know. I prefer not to have to reinstall from scratch if I can help it due to bandwidth limits, but I will if I must.

    If it was just one of these, I might brush it off considering the price I paid for the game, but all three combined are ruining the experience greatly. And to top it off, bugs that existed 5-6 months ago are still here. Yet…you’re releasing a DLC. Priorities.

    I repeat. I want to like this game…but it’s difficult. Any help will be appreciated.

  • Sadly your symptoms sound more hardware related. I usually would never say that but Chiv is horribly optimised and really forces hardware to run at max. The fact that you can play for about an hour or so suggests hardware failure. This could simply be overheating of CPU or GFX card. That said, do the obvious. Clean out the PC with compressed air. Make sure your heat compound is properly working right and not baked and hard. Also make sure you have all your drivers up to date including GFX cards, sound cards and even processor drivers.

    Now all that aside, I have been tweaking the INI files and have recently come to some level of success in getting High FPS. I still need to test a few more things then i will be posting up my ini files with instructions. These may help run your game smoothly without stressing your GFX card or sound card. Keep an eye open for my posts.

  • Actually, I was waiting for the post to go through so I could add to it.

    Windows is closing the game and Steam with a DEP (Data Execution Protection) “error”. I notice when I crash that the game is using roughly 1.6-1.7 GBs of system memory. Does this suggest a memory leak is the problem?

  • @pugnacious:

    Actually, I was waiting for the post to go through so I could add to it.

    Windows is closing the game and Steam with a DEP (Data Execution Protection) “error”. I notice when I crash that the game is using roughly 1.6-1.7 GBs of system memory. Does this suggest a memory leak is the problem?

    Not necessarily a memory leak but more running out of memory or you have bad ram. We really need to know more about your system, CPU, Ram, GFX card and operating system. I am hopeful that you are running Win7 and at least 4 gigs of ram. If you only have 2 gigs then the system is shutting down chiv because it is running out of memory. Again you could have a bad stick of ram as well.

    You can also try these tweaks that I have found to make the game run a lot better in a potato of a PC

  • First, I should mention that when I played Chivalry like 4-5 months ago I never had these problems. I quit mostly because of the weapon stats bug not letting me unlock weapons. I thought I would try the game again after all these huge updates as of late to see if the game was better.

    Second, I have Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit with all the latest updates (e.g. SP2 and DX11). I have an intel i7-2600K. I have a GeForce GTX 580 (3GBs memory) with version 331.65 drivers. (Those are the most recent as I checked again yesterday.) I have 16 GBs (4x4) of system RAM. I also have the most up-to-date drivers for just about everything in the PC. I am pretty sure I don’t have bad RAM, since this is the only game giving me issues like this right now.

    I just got Battlefield 4 yesterday, and I can run it in 1920*1080 res on high settings with a good frame rate. I’ve been playing for the better part of the whole day. In other words, no potato PC here. :p

  • Vista makes it a potato…. lols couldn’t resist. Well the only thing that made me suspicious was the amount of time that you played before the crashes. If that is consistent, that usually means a hardware issue. Vista is a POS os by the way, it is horrible on many levels. Win7 would do wonders to improve and take advantage of your hardware.

    That aside, make sure that the inside is free and clear of dust. I would delete local content of all Chiv files and reinstall the game. It is possible that since you might actually be a few patches behind that something got corrupted. OTher than that I would try my tweaks that I posted earlier and the go into the game’s settings and then set them as you prefer.

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