An issue when holding F to kick (So far only the ninja)

  • It was Ninja vs Spartan. I play Ninja allot.
    The spartan is really difficult to attack because of his huge shield, no problem with that since you can kick his shield away so you easily can give it a slash or an overhead. So when i perform the kick on him i suddenly could not move for a second. I press W to walk forward after the kick, but it just did not work.

    So i actually did this,

    Holding F to kick, Press W to go forward and for a few seconds after i press LMB. This means i could not move and i completely missed the hit of my swing! This happens every time! This makes it all an easy kill for the opponent!

    I don’t know if this only happens on the Ninja though but give this a try, and see it for yourself.

    Just try holding F and after the kick hold W and see that you can’t move while the kick animation is actually finished!

    Thanks for reading.

    EDIT: Actually, this happens when you want to strike after the kick and when you strike you will stand still while you actually can strike + walk forward. And you can slash and walk at the same time. But doing a kick and a slash will not make you move.

  • Yup.

  • @B4RK:


    So, you completely agree on this?

  • @Sn-Ninja:



    So, you completely agree on this?

    Yup. I made a thread the other day covering the two issues I have with the Ninja. The kick was one of them.

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