Throwing ranged weapons..? pistols, why not crossbow s

  • I’ve killed quite a few enemies by throwing pistols at them. Fine. Let’s be fair. A thrown crossbow would do more damage I assume… can we allow knight to throw their crossbows?

    Maybe allow samurai to throw their yumi too. Instead of damage it could snare the enemy for a second? (Bent stick plus string = snare and gets you entangled)

  • I think it’s rather funny and silly, since the pistol is rather small and easy to throw, and it’s the pirate doing it (when vikings throw shit, it’s badass instead.) It reminds me of the scene in Saving Private Ryan when they start throwing their helmets at each other before they get their pistols up. You could throw a crossbow, although it’d probably be more of a slow haul. Getting it in the face would leave a mark though. And the yumi would be rather… well, it’s a rather long and light stick, feels like it won’t go far at all with wind resistance and what not, and it wouldn’t really entangle anyone.

    Would be funny if Knight and Samurai could take off and throw their helmets, hahahaha! x) Chivalry: Deadliest Thrown Object Warfare

  • Enough of ranged bs.

  • @rumpelstiltskin:

    Enough of ranged bs.

    I’m guessing the only class you play is spamurai?

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