Can't get into Beta?

  • I pre ordered the game about two-three weeks ago, and I assumed the Beta is currently ongoing, but I’m unable to find a way to launch it. I’ve got both Chivalry, and Chivalry beta versions of the game downloaded from steam. I read somewhere that there should be an option when launching the beta, that will allow me to launch the DW Beta, but can’t find anything at all.

  • You click play on the chivalry beta then 3 launch options appear. Chivalry medieval warfare beta, chivalry deadliest warrior beta and chivalry editor.

    Those 3 option appear regardless of whether you preordered DW or not. It just doesn’t let you play DW beta if you don’t have it.

    But yeah launch the beta and the launch options will appear.

  • Or if those launch options don’t appear, right click Chiv Medieval Warfare Beta and go to Chivalry Deadliest Warrior beta

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