Team Objective Servers?

  • I’ve just returned from a long break, and I’m having an impossible time finding team objective servers. There’s usually only one or two that I find with people in them. These servers always have over 100 and usually around 150-200 ping for me. However, I have no trouble finding perfect servers for free for all, duel, tdm, etc.

    Is my filter just broken, or are there really so few people playing team objective now? I’ve always preferred team and objective based modes over the blindly-kill-everything-that-moves matches, but right now it feels like the only option. :(

  • I actually think it’s that most people are playing team objective now and the games are full… right?. Do you have full games not showing in servers, too?

    There are a lot more people playing right now than there were three weeks ago, so a lot of the servers that used to be always empty/half full seem to be bursting at the seams. I think TO is still the most popular mode, but this is just my experience. Every time I actually get into one it’ll be full and stay full.

    Glad it went on sale again. More than quadrupled playerbase for a while, and it’s still higher than before the sale.

  • I figured it out. After messing with all my filters and no filters, I finally figured out that it was my filter for first person only servers. Not sure how I didn’t see that earlier, but I’m finding plenty of servers now. :D

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