• it would be nice if somebody could stream the beta .saw it only one time on twitch and it was russian.there was 1400 viewers so interest is there.

    2nd can i play this tame with an x250 2x3ghz and a gts 450

  • I can stream some today. Been bouncing between this and WOTR

  • which are the pros and contras of the games

  • @attack:

    which are the pros and contras of the games

    Imo WoTR is just Mount & Blade but done worse than Mount & Blade. They dumbed down combat that really wasn’t that difficult in the first place.

    Then there’s grinding in an FPS game. If I wanted to grind, I would play an MMO. Balance and skillful play doesn’t seem to be the main focus of that game.

    Instead you stab into a dead person’s body, while someone kills you and stabs into your body, while someone kills that guy and stabs into their body, and so on.

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