Viking Helmets

  • We have more than a couple great spangenhelms in the game but what will make a good image for the Vikings is the gjermundbu helmet!

    The Mason Knight from MW has one with a different faceguard and a coif rather than an aventail though it looks similar enough (and allows the helmet to be knocked off nicely when struck in the head).

    Of course there’s also the valsgarde 8 helmet found in Sweden… Would make a great high level unlockable.

    Spangenhelms are great but a little dull and five is enough! :D

  • This helmet should totally be ingame.

  • Yeah this and i want some kind of wolf fur that you can put ontop of your helmet

    something like this

    doesnt really fit viking theme i think but would still look badass

  • How about just add Romans.

  • Some cool helmets from pre-viking age, the so called vendel era?

    Oh, and since Saxons are rather similar to vikings, this could be nice.

  • mmm tasty

  • Weird. The last image in my original post doesn’t show up most of the time. Copy-pasta works though.

    Anyway that Saxon helmet (Sutton Hoo) would be awesome. Love the helmets with eyebrows. Makes me wish the game had cosmetic options for weapons but that’s going into RPG territory.

    Since we’re on the topic of Vikings I have to say that the Viking voices make them sound like absolute retards. Just painful to hear. Every time I taunt I regret it immediately. Bah but I’m just nitpicking now. :)

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