Thoughts and ideas on the state of the beta

  • Hey everyone. I wanted to begin by saying that I am actually having a surprisingly good time with Deadliest Warrior; moreso than I could’ve expected. As an ardent player of the original Chivalry, I wanted to make a topic to address my perspective and enter the discussion on the game. I think that it is important for everyone to give their two cents involving the game. I wanted to go through a quick class discussion, as this is the best way to address any issues.

    The ninja: I have been having a great time with this class, besides issues with the one button dodge. The ninja seems to adhere to guerrilla tactics far better than the MaA ever did, although this may be a visual and character mannerism difference. However, I am hardly impressed with the weapon choices for the class. The sword seems lacking, and the hook is hardly a better alternative. In fact, I have found one of the most effective, if not the most effective form of attack for the class, to be the shuriken. Perhaps the ninja could be given a more interesting weapon set. Smoke bombs do not last nearly long enough (they are not practical to cover a retreat from ranged weaponry.) As it stands, there is no realistic reason to use anything other than the sword and shuriken. The roll has become much more effective, but I also question its feasibility against actual talented players.

    The pirate: I have heard rumors that Deadliest Warrior was heavily influenced by SpikeTV; this is the only logical reasoning I can grasp for the entrance of the pirate. The class feels like the only real joke of the group. In multi-team LTS, a group of pirates with the blunderbuss is in all actuality game breaking. The ability to regenerate health casually, coupled with firearms and a strong melee capability in the right hands, are problematic. I would have much preferred a class like Apache Warrior; skilled with the bow, or throwing spear, as well as short and fast primitive close combat weaponry. It seems much more fitting for the scene. However, accepting that this is not the case, I think the pirates need a lot of incremental balancing before you begin to see them littering every free weekend.

    The viking: My thoughts on the viking: It is FAR too versatile. The ability to throw weaponry in an instant, coupled with the extremely powerful shield throw, and near-early Chivalry norse sword choice make the viking one of the most difficult forces to face; mind you, I am not talking balance only in regards to 1v1 combat, but in team play as well. The viking desperately needs a pickup animation for the shield, as a competent player will bullrush you and throw it to no end. As it stands, I have also found that the viking dual-weilding hatchet stab animation is nigh unblockable in the right hands (I’ve used it extensively.) Why is there such a big emphasis on ranged combat within the game? My main distaste for playing the viking is that we have this wonderful melee combat system, yet our combat is littered with the BETTER choice of utilizing ranged options.

    The spartan: I would argue that the spartan is one of the most difficult classes to play currently, but after some practice can be extremely effective. I like that the game almost forces you to play realistically in order to be effective; you must use your shield attacks if they are an option. I have played the spartan the least of the classes, besides the pirate (which I have not played at all,) so I can not weigh in on balance until I’ve invested a few more hours.

    The knight: I’m not going to weigh in on this. After months and months of Chivalry, if this can’t be balanced correctly, there’s an issue.

    The samurai: The samurai class interests me because it is very different. It is the only class that is utterly defenseless against the pirate (I say this because the ninja has a roll, and at least shields can take some bullet damage. The Yumi bow factors little in mid range.) However, it has this wonderful weapon set that makes it versatile (you can master many different aspects of the character.) It also has the only wide swinging weapon in the game which seems to be capable of dragging (the Nodachi.) I have had a great time limiting myself to the katana and wakizashi, simply out of personal preference; however, I would argue that this class, and I will say this for many of the characters in the game, needs to be more specialized between deaths. By this I mean it should not be an option to pick something like the naginata and the nodachi; we need to have primaries and secondaries if this game is going to have any hope of being balanced effectively. I’m kind of assuming that you’re only allowed to do this during the beta, but I’m stating it in case this is actually a reality.

    Mechanically, I think that the speed is a definite adjustment, but overall feels fun. It is, however, too easy to block strikes now. The berth is so wide that often you will swing at someone’s back, and they will block you when facing another opponent. I’ll also reiterate my distaste for the emphasis on ranged combat… What’s going on there?

    Ultimately, I think that the game is holding its head above the water of too many ideas coupled with too much simplification; the game intrinsically feels too easy. However, I also believe that with some character modification, and mechanical tweaking, the game could be excellent. I am loving the comradery in multi-team LTS, but am irked by short timers and enemy location shown towards the ends of matches. It is these kinds of dualities that are holding the game back, but will hopefully be weeded out and fixed with ease.

    Lastly, where’s TO?

  • Would have to agree with you. Game feels far to simplistic and gimmicky. LTS is the only time it has weight, and all the ranged attacks detract from it, especially when a team stacks. I feel like it’s going to take a long time balancing this, if at all possible. They sure haven’t with base chivalry.

    Btw watch a few episodes of deadliest warrior and you’ll realise the pirate is the least of all the silly, stupid shit they could of incorporated.

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