In-game Temperature Issue

  • Hello fellow Chivalry players.

    You have maybe read my post about FPS issues, and I think I (probably) have found the answer. What I need is just how to make this right:

    As I have said before, when I join a game my FPS is really good for being a laptop. (60-62 FPS). But when the time goes on, and my laptop gets hotter and hotter, the Frame rate drops, and it starts lagging. At circa 20-24 FPS.

    I really do not know any tricks or any smart solutions to prevent this overheating, other than f.ex playing beside a open window or something like that.

    I really want to hear you guys tips or comments on this issue, that both me, and people with the same overheating and FPS issue as me.

    Thank you!

  • And by the way: For those of you that might find it important to know the exact numbers:

    At 20-24 FPS I have:

    CPU temperature:

    81-82 degrees CELCIUS on CPU

    GPU temperature:

    99-100 degrees CELCIUS on GPU

  • Maximum normal operating temperature for a CPU is 70c.
    Maximum normal operating temperature for a GPU is 90c.

    Your figures obviously exceed both recommended operating temperatures.

    It sounds like your cooling fan isn’t working as efficiently as it should be. I recommend accessing your cooling fan as best you can and get rid of all the dust with some compressed air. That should help yuh out :)

  • DW seriously overheats my shit too so I just put everything on LOW

  • chivalry was besides crysis3 (which looks a lot better though obviously being unoptimized as shit as well) the only game that almost made my cpu melt, had constant stuttering and fps drops all the time and even some bluescreens…
    fixed the stuttering n drops by disabling a bios security setting that clocks cpu according to the current temperature down… not good.
    and it is unreal engine 3 we are talking about…
    i guess its related to physx as well. thanks for implementing physx, not.

  • Ahh I had a computer where the normal operating temperature for the CPU was 80-90 degrees. You burnt your fingers when you touched the case.

    In fact the CPU still works in another computer now.

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