More trouble against ninja than samurai, can you help?

  • I’m having a hard time figuring out the mechanics of close range combat and some aspects of melee combat in general baffle me, despite researching the subject beforehand.

    I’ve sunk about 30 hours into the spartan, mostly using the sarissa (longest range spear) and I’m doing okay with it, especially if my enemy uses a slow weapon. The biggest trouble I can run into though, are the bubblehugging vikings and surprisingly enough, pirates and ninjas. I just can’t for the life of me figure out the mechanics of close range combat.

    In an attempt to fix that problem, I tried using a close range fighter myself, but it hasn’t helped one bit. I die without understanding why, I kill without understanding why. To give you a rundown, let’s assume I’m a spartan wielding the falcata vs. any enemy using a very short range weapon, it always happens like this:

    The enemy, for some reason, always strikes as soon as he first gets in range. Since I don’t want to trade hits, I parry - or try to! If the parry fails, as it often does against sweeping attacks since the tip of the weapon goes across the entirety of my screen at lightning speed and it’s very difficult for me to accurately figure out at which point in it’s journey it will connect, the enemy chains his hit into a 3 hit combo, either attempting to circle me or just strafting from my left to my right.

    If my parry succeeds however, a majority of them will immediately go straight back to LMB attack again, and sometimes will still somehow manage to be faster than my counterattack. They basically try to overwhelm me through spam and more often than not… it works. Pretty humiliating.

    They always find a way to go through my shields or my parry but they aren’t looking down or jumping or doing anything fancy that I can see, they’re just wildly sweeping their weapon from side to side while they themselves move from left to right and it goes through my defenses, while I can parry just fine against longer ranged sweeps, even coming from multiple opponents if they time their attacks in a short window.

    I tried kicking them out of range but more often than not, when the spam starts I don’t have time to get a kick out, even right after a parry. The best thing I found was to use the lack of distance as a way to accelerate my spear attacks as much as possible, but it’s the same advantage they get, and their weapons have a better base speed.

    What could cause me to have so much difficulty at close range combat when I’m decent at mid range? It feels like the mechanics should be the same but it’s almost as though everything gets more gimmicky the closer your opponent is to you and I’m missing some knowledge on mechanics that aren’t readily apparent from the gameplay itself.

  • Turn into the enemy attacks when you block or parry. And attack immediately after.

    If you parry you can perform a riposte. Which is pretty much queuing up an attack before your parry finishes would hit them faster.

    They aren’t getting through your parries and blocks but around them. You gotta turn and face their attacks.

  • Imagine your block as a perfectly flat rectangle. If you look straight at an opponent on flat ground, the disc will cover your core and your head. However, it will not cover your shoulders, your knees, or anything beyond those two. Furthermore, it is a fully two-dimensional disk, so if their weapon intersects any part of your hitbox before making contact with the rectangle it will count as a hit. If they get behind the rectangle, it will be a hit. Shields work similarly, and the sides of your shield are useless against melee weapons.

    In MW, spear users usually try to bait me into charging at them, then sidestep and drag their speartip into my side, just around the edge of the rectangle. If your opponent is tilted slightly to the left or right compared to you, an appropriate horizontal swing will go right through their defenses as well, though thrusts are the best for edging around the rectangle. Any head-on attack from a spear is almost laughably easy to parry or avoid, but if they can regularly attack from the side it’s usually a short, frustrating battle.

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