Need players for a viral YouTube video

  • Hey!

    So i’m looking for anywhere from 10-40 people to help me and a group of six with a epic YouTube video. Basically we’re trying to shoot epic fights and out of the ordinary gameplay. Like for instance, a tower shield wall (300 esque) in a cramped corridor with an opposing team bombarding in. A full crossbow team all firing on a group of enemies sprinting at them. Crazy collisions of knights, a team full of fire pots (just because) and etc. My good friend has a youtube channel “MuseTheForce” and he is a pro editor and can make anything we shoot look absolutely amazing with his skills.

    Here’s a link to the quality of work he does

    I’m a Music Production major and I created a unique song for the video.
    Heres a link to my work: (I haven’t uploaded the music for it because the copyright isn’t through yet)

    So let me know if you’re interested in being a part of this! We’re looking for mature players. It will be all planned except for the random fights we shoot (unless one side is supposed to win for a specific clip). So it might be awhile of redoing scenes. But it will no doubt be fun and we will accredit everyone who helps in the video!

    If you’re interested let me know at or in the topic! :D

  • Which country?

  • Ping wouldn’t matter for some of the things here.

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