Weapon Lock Bug

  • So the weapon unlock bug finally fixed itself during the last patch, however ever since this new patch all of my final weapons that I unlocked have locked again, and every time I leave a server, the kills reset on them and they lock again. Any suggestions on what might of happened or how to fix this? It is extremely frustrating, I still have my vet helm, but all of the final weapons stay locked after I exit a server.

    I play on official servers, correct number of people to save stats, have tried fixing the INI stat file by changing the uppercase f’s to lowercase. I am simply baffled, any suggestions or solutions would be greatly appreciated I hate having half my playtime rewards locked.

  • Would absolutely love to hear a reply on this issue. I have the same problem and have attempted the same solutions with no luck.

    It’s astounding that it hasn’t been addressed in over a year.

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