Perfect viking/samurai logic

  • at first this is how viking playstyle looks to me

    second i dont realy see the logic that a ninja throws a shuriken and it drops down after 5 mewters and a viking well here

    i also think that ninjas do way to low dmg i mean you get one shotted by everythingf and need like 5 hits to kill a samurai
    oh and i also have an perfect picture for samurai

  • HAHA damn you, I was seeing Thor playing against viking with the constant weapon throw spam, but since the sheild throwing is a literal constant now all I’ll be able to see is Captain America.

    +1 for the laughs

  • this is way its even more satisfying to own a samurai or a viking with a ninja :D

    i can almost hear their cries over the internet :P

  • Today I saw a viking who had his shield painted just like Captain America’s shield. So you’re actually able to do that in DW? Cool, TBS.

  • perhaps they’ll implement role-play servers? :D

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