Some things about the knight

  • Hello, (first please excuse me if my english is not good enough) it’s my first post on the forum and i wanted to talk about the knight in some points.

    First i was wondering if it will be possible to have the vanguard skin in armor category for the knight, it would be cool and add some change for the knight (we already have helmet and halberd lol). And if you think the different armor type of the skin would be stupid remember the spartan who have the same resistance in armor or in skirt.

    Second it’s more about the weapons, in CMW you can take a bastard sword, a shield and another weapon (like morgenstern) and that was cool, i was using bastard sword against mma and archer and morgenstern against knight and vanguard. But here if you take the shield (is much more utile now, eveyone is archer…) you can have only one weapon but the viking can have a sword, a shield and a flying hammer, don’t know why knight can’t :( .

    And to finish the weapons seems not verry interesting were are the others bastard swords, the morgenstern, axe etc ? Majority of knight i see play only halberd and crossbow i think it’s too bad, for what i remember samurai have more diversity no ? Majority of knight weapon are alredy in CMW, more diversity would be welcome (yes i miss my morgenstern ^^).

    So thank you for learning and excuse me again for my english.

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