Thought and question for the samurai

  • I admittedly know nothing in regards to programming, but I had a quick thought and question;

    How about the art of Iaijutsu (drawing the blade?) I think one of the really cool things about the samurai is his strike ability after drawing his blade, but right now it seems like such a niche feature (almost forced.)

    My question is, how difficult would it be to animate the samurai returning his blade to the sheath, and give him an attack from this position? IE the ability to simply sheath the katana and stay in that position, but attack out of it?

    I think it would be a really interesting feature, and something to spice the class up a bit more.

  • This could go for the ninja as well, of course.

  • they could make it like the vanguard in chiv mw when you keep running and press it will unsheate the weapon and do a strike upwards

  • My weeaboo sense is tingling

  • @Wingy:

    My weeaboo sense is tingling

    HAHA quite the contrary. i was heavily involved in history while i served through the dreg that is indulging in higher education to teach higher education… my advisory professor, by chance, gave a lecture course on early to postmodern warfare. three binders full of notes later, and i have found myself to be an expert on the subject. the bastard.

  • @Wingy:

    My weeaboo sense is tingling

    To be fair, Iaijutsu is one of the more unique things Samurai were known for. Considering that there’s somewhat of a disagreement about what Sam’s strength should be (probably due to most of the properties of Japanese weapons being difficult to translate into game stats) this would be a good idea to set him apart and make him as unique in playing style as Spartan or Pirate.

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