[KNIGHT]How to beat a Vanguard with spear as a knight?

  • So how to beat a Vanguard with spear as a knight? I played a round on a duel server and I couldn’t defeat a vanguard with spear. I was trying to do it with the bearded axe and I was also trying with falchion + shield. And every time a vanguard was killing me.

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    Oh you are serious?

    Well then, let me introduce you to my good old friend: the norse sword. Learn to use him and no vanguard will stand in your way ever again. In fact you will beg for more vanguards eventually as the 2 handed knights are more of a challenge.

  • using terrible weapons to go against van spear. I would typically not recommend using a shield. They can continuously knock you back on your shield, and any time you get close for attack, step or lean back and punish you for attacking. the bear is the same, you don’t have the range to cope with the spears range or speed. Spear weapons are overpowered in that the slash is so fast. So when you DO get into range, it’s a simple slash to either do damage, knock you back, or give them the backpedal range they need to start their thrusts again. If they also mix in feints well good fucking luck. My advice would be to use the swords, either longsword or even sow. Sow is better for speed, long better for damage and dragging so whichever is your fancy. Going secondary like broad or norse is great too, i would do broad for the added damage over the norse speed, but norse is more than formidable as well. You pretty much are going to have to parry 2 times to get in close and be ready for counter slashes mostly because they are super fast especially if they turn it.

    It’s not an easy fight ever, but if you know what to expect you can get a lot closer to your goal of beating the spear. They never really should have buffed them IMO… i played spear pre-patch like a boss, and so did many others that used it well… no idea why they needed buffing.

  • You have to take the initiative as quickly as possible vs a spear user.

    What I do against spear uses most often is to stand just within their range with a SOW or Norse. Wait for their inevitable attack and as soon as their animation starts, go rushing in. Get your momentum up. Parry their attack when it is released. Now you are in range and have the chance to take initiative. DO NOT RIPOSTE. Parry then wait 50-100ms or so. If they parry, hit them. If they don’t, feint them. Then proceed to combo feint them, it only takes 2-3 hits to kill him.

    Don’t be upset that you feinted, they are using a spear after all.

    Alternatively if they are the feinting spear user type, you will want to take a shield. Shield plus Longsword is a mighty set-up. Use the shield to negate their feints and use your own feints against them. Be careful of them jump-poking you this can be hard to block.

  • Currently, spearguard is my class build of choice, and I can tell you we are a bunch of biatches. Shields will protect you for the most part, seeing as how our strongest attacks are a direct, straight line, and you can hold us off without breaking sight of us. However, some of us (me included,) will make you regret ever pulling it up by continuing to bash that shield and working you down to that obnoxiously long stun. What do we care of our stamina? We don’t have any queues to worry about. But as someone said already, if you’re facing a feinter vanguard, the shield will save you from big bites of damage.
    If you have the nuggets for it, try to duck our stabs and swings instead of blocking, and get in close for some hits. I know I try to aim my pokes at the upper body/head anyway.

    Knights with good 2H sword combos can quite consistently mess my shit up, so I could chalk that up as some advice to work towards as well.

    I can’t say if it’s just my sense of timing, or if it’s just the skill of the player, but the mauls have also given me some grief. Practice dragging with those bitches, and you might just nab us in a mis-parry.

  • spear teams in TO absolutely wreck face, no one can beat it.

    spears + smokepots for the win. GG

  • @clayton-bigsby:

    spear teams in TO absolutely wreck face, no one can beat it.

    Well, thats how it should be. The problem with spears is that they are too good when used on their own - partly due to the fact that they do not get punished if the enemy gets close. You can still stab freely and you got that fast slash. Add the brutal knockback (from a stabbing weapon!) and you have a very powerful setup.

    But how to beat them?

    Lets dream (aka “how it should be”):

    • try to get in a 1on1
    • get close (which you can do because he is alone)
    • overwhelm them because the spear sucks in close combat

    Okay this might not work. The reasons are mentioned above and below (the Retsnom quote). So what do we need to beat them? We need reach as getting close is too difficult and takes too long. And we need good piercing damage to strike if we make it into reach. So the best options are:

    1. Throwing Axes: Vanguards got no shield to protect them and those babies have more reach than spears. If you land both and don’t hit his legs the Vanguard will drop dead.

    2. Poleaxe: The longest weapon a Knight can affort and also the one with the most powerful stabbing attack. It does lack in speed - something that makes you vulnerable to attacks if you don’t pay attention. Still a very powerful if underrated choice.

    3. Longsword/Sword of War: Reasonable reach, damage and speed. The speed helps in being aggressive and the reach helps in getting those hits in. Just make sure to be close enough and don’t be afraid of trading blows (you are playing a Knight after all).

    4. Broadsword/Norse Sword: These weapons are the best choices in dueling for a reason. High speed and good stabs but you have to more work into getting close.

    5. Call in Archer support.

    Do not use:

    • slow weapons: spears have the highest reach and are quite fast so usually he will just hit and flinch you
    • short weapons: you have to put too much effort in getting close and its quite likely that this effort will either drain your stamina or your health
    • defensive/passive tactics: if you stay back the spearguard will just poke at you all day while you are unable to do anything

  • You guys forget, spears users never have a shield.

    Block/parry their first attack with you having forward momentum so their knockback doesn’t but you out of range.

    Then feint them, hit, combo feint. Kill.

    Feint them, feint them hard.

  • Feint-spam him

  • may not work as well with good spear, he will slash you while you feint.

  • While having a shield

  • In this case he will slash you while you feint while having a shield.

    Or just slash you until you faint from feinting and blocking his slashes with your shield.

  • Good Christ…
    Ok face it, you won’t beat a better player, no matter the weapons, until you get better than him. So if the dude is an all star, don’t sweat what weapon he uses, it wouldn’t really make a difference.

    Now, saying that it isn’t the case, heres what you do:
    1 pick norse
    2 pick the heater shield
    3 run up to his face using alt overhead, feint it, then do it again. if he can read your feints, do a double or triple feint
    4 $$$

    Not to be rude but this is your best chance to win, or you wouldn’t be asking here. Don’t be afraid to feint, even if it is a garbage cheap ass thing to do.

  • Also, these newbs crying about spear slash should try throwing a duck in there once in awhile. Don’t spam it or it will work against you unless you’re smart enough to start jumping later

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