Double tap may be screwed up.

  • I used double tap a bunch as an MaA and I prefer it. I’ve rarely gotten the accidental dodge so long as I set the ms really low. In this game no matter how low I go, it gives me accidental rolls ALL the fucking time. I could be sprinting and its interrupted by a roll to the left or right. Seems like the double tap ms is irrelevant, it’s all insanely sticky. Tested this the other day in MW and I never got a single accidental dodge. What gives?

    To be safe, I’ve turned double tap to 0ms and I never use roll. Wish I could though.

  • oh you know what it might be? With the game going at 120% normal speed(or whatever it is) maybe instead of having it set to 100ms it’s actually set to 120ms!

    those accidental dodges are the reason I never used d-tap in MW either
    you can survive with 1 button dodge but I just can’t deal with the d-tap

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