Ideas to Fix the balance

  • If you do not think balance is realy messed up, like pre-alpha messed up, then well…. I guess that is your opinion, but I certainly think it is an extremely naive one (or you only play an easy mode class)

    1. Samurai+Knights ; need a overall movement speed reduction and more time to recover from being blocked or hit mid swing, to better reflect their heavier armor (lot of weight) and the amount of hp it gives them over other classes. -OR- they need to have the bonus to HP/hits they can take nerfed

    2. Pirates ; Pistol reload glitch needs to be fixed. Blunderbluss damage needs reduction OR spread needs to be increased greatly to severely reduce damage at range. Amount of ammunition given when spawned for all firearms need to be reduced slightly as well. Shield break kick needs to have a higher wind-up time/cooldown.

    3. Vikings ; Shield throw needs to require special timing and more skill involved. Since it is very easy to hit the target and does good damage along with staggering, I would say either make a shield break once it impacts after a throw, or cause a 5-8s cooldown after a shield is picked back up before a re-throw is allowed.

    4. Spartans; Spear stab needs to have its hit detection fixed greatly, the spear can go through a target completely and not count as a hit. However there also seems to be a hack/glitch as well that causes the opposite, as I have seen a few spear users on Spartan, Samurai and Viking that are able to Spear stab and quickly do a 360 spin and auto hit anyone around them, its also impossible or nearly impossible to block. Both need to be fixed.

    5. Ninjas; Need much better utility options. Eggs suck, Smoke bombs don’t create a large enough effect and don’t last long enough. Ninja stars do weak damage especially without secondary effect. I still prefer smoke bomb out of all of them due to the FoTM pirate gunspam. Ninjas also need some sort of bonus to damage based on positioning. If a Ninja does a stab attack on a vikings (just an example) back with a ninjata (as long as it doesnt hit an unequipped shield), it should take that viking to low enough health a 1-2 ninja star would finish him off. I would obviously prefer OHKO option with tighter requirements, but the option I outlined above is a far better compromise.

    5. General; There needs to more unique flavor to using the overhead and stab attacks on shorter reach weapons. I have yet to find a real fight where simple horizintal swinging with any weapon and moving camera for momentum isnt the best option by far. Movement speed differences in classes need to be applied. Knights should be the slowest, Samurai the second slowest, Vikings the third slowest, Spartans in the middle, Pirates a little faster, and Ninjas being fastest

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