Can't bind things correctly in DW

  • New patch, I have to rebind my keys as always, ever since the last patch if I rebind my keys, first of all they simply don’t work. It’s as if the actions randomize. My shove key opens up voice commands. My ESC key doesn’t do anything. My sprint key makes me crouch. I go back into keybindings and reset them constantly, and am constantly deleting my .ini’s so I have a chance of resetting them. Is anybody having issues? Most people use WASD I assume so I guess it’s not as vocally widespread, but me personally using the numpad and all things around it, that used to work fine before the latest patch that broke One button dodge, also broke my ability to successfully keybind. Hope this gets fixed soon…

    This is what I see. Some are the keybinds that I’ve set in place, others are keys I never set for those actions and they just seem to randomize.

    edit: after much trial and error and constantly rebinding upon game restart and deleting .inis, they finally stuck somehow. So it’s “fixed” for me at least now, still keeping this thread up so some dev can become aware.

  • Getting the same bug since the latest couple patches. Mine won’t stick, ever. I hate using my scroll wheel for my alt attacks, so i like to bind them to my other mouse buttons. Now when i hit F i kill myself.

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