Is rank glitched?

  • I don’t know if you wiped it or what, but this shit is glitched as fuck. I start the game click on Profile to check it out. My Spartan rank is 21. Then I go to a match, try to join in with my normal loadout and this shit is telling me i’m rank 0?

    It’s cool if there is a reset I just want to know if its broken or not. Not only that but after the match I went to check my XP to see if I had gained any (if it was a wipe) and it was empty. I had several kills and some assists… as well.

    Anyone else having this chodelord issue?

  • same. was 25 with spartan and 21 with samurai, now everything is zero ;o

  • It’s very glitched. I’m rank 16 with ninja, 11 with knight and for customization purposes I’m rank 4. 8-)

    So I can’t customize!

  • Phew glad it’s not just me. I don’t mind being reset, I know after beta I will be. I just want to be able to regain XP if there is a reset so I can get this chodelord helm off.

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