Ninja Roll Bug

  • I’m very pleased with the current direction of bug fixes, but there’s one thing that doesn’t seem to have gotten any attention on the forums.

    When you hit with a weapon (excluding really light weapons such as the Tekko Kagi) you’re nudged forward a little. Basically the momentum of your attack moves you a little.

    When you roll with a ninja, and immediately hit afterwards, you get nudged forward a little. It’s all fluent and works perfectly well, but only in training. That is to say that it only works in local games. In an online game (ping doesn’t make a difference, low or high gives the same result). Instead of nudging a little and moving fluently, you come to a compelete halt.

    So when you roll and hit, you basically stop. You can see the screen shake a little.

    This is obviously a bug, as it works fine in training, but not in online servers.

    Also on an unrelated note, is the samurai Yari Spear supposed to be able to combo overheads? Seems like another bug to me, as there’s no proper animation for it and no other weapon can do this. And it is extremely overpowered.

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