Edit existing maps (?)

  • Hey, I hope that’s the right place to post this! I was flying around battlegrounds in the UDK, thinking of what I personally would improve. And honestly I find quite alot of stuff. Don’t get me wrong. The existing map is quite nice, but I imagine it to be pretty cool to just have the same map… but different :D

    My question:

    Is it allowed to edit an existing map and upload it? Of course I would state it’s one of the original maps.

  • It is not supposed to be possible. I have tried to copy those maps and then paste them into the ContentSDK folder with some success but I think it get’s an error when opening and saving it again or something.

    You could open the map, zoom out then hold down Alt and Ctrl to draw an big box around everything, copy then paste into a new map but then you would have to also manually copy all of the Kismet, all the game settings etc. and make sure that everything linked properly in the process (which I can guarantee it wouldn’t).

    I have thought about this a lot because in particular Battlegrounds needs modifications to balance it.

    EDIT: actually I just tried the methods above: I can confrim that you can copy a map and make changes but not save it, also the second method would be a lot of work as it doesn’t copy everything anyway.

  • After some testing I actually got it to work, and could save it. I opened the “AOCTO-Battlegrounds_v3_P”, saved it to the ContentSDK-folder/Battlegrounds as “AOCTO-Battlegrounds_edit_P” and chose yes to change all the names to “AOCTO-Battlegrounds_edit…”. Then I copied the rest of the files of Battlegrounds to the folder, renamed them the same way, restarted the UDK and it worked. I can edit it to my liking, test it, and save it properly.

    Still need the answer though :D

  • Very cool, I was just about to try this so it’s nice to know it should work. I’d be surprised if they had a problem with it since they released the SDK in the first place.

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