Customize Your Soldier

  • @Jihell:

    As long as customisation is :

    • not so much noticeable (you need to tell the class in the blink of an eye)
    • fitting in the theme (colors and realistic or so armor)
    • not tied to any in-game currency
    • have no influence on gampley
      …then I’m fine with it.

    sounds about right. The color scheme needs to be red and blue to see your faction. But I could imagine a variety of coat of arms on your tunic and shield (in team colors) to chose from.

  • Confirmed helmet customizations so far:

    Legacy helmet (the Agatha/Mason Knight helmets from AoC) for those who pledged $150 or more on Kickstarter.
    Veteran’s helmet for those who unlock every weapon available to a specific class (presumably 4 of these?)

    Probably/possibly more down the line. Since a lot of people have been asking for more indepth customization, maybe they’ll consider doing it as a DLC.

  • totally agree jihell but, i think its prty useless then i mean there is like nothing u could still change then and it becomes totally …. boring so i just say lets just stay to the freggin models i love em!

  • Theres talk of a symbol editor too I think.

  • I remember the developers saying that they would love armour customisation, it’s just that it would require a whole dedicated art team which they don’t have (don’t quote me word from word but it was something along those lines).

    I’m quite happy with just the helmet customisation for now, so long as it gets expanded a lot more in the future. It doesn’t have to be major, I mean, a Vanguard could have different styles of Great Helm and Knights could just have different styles of Bascinet and so fourth… they would still look like their original classes because the type of helmet will stay the same. It’s just an idea though, I would love customisation in there even if it is on a basic level.

  • I meant mainly the face.

  • face paint could be awesome as well. blue or red depending on the team

  • What about women soldiers?

  • there are only male characters, the modding community will probably take care of it.

  • @RecklessStrategy:

    there are only male characters, the modding community will probably take care of it.


  • No different color skins at least? Want to play as a real black knight. 8-)

  • Yeah, I am black in real life, so I would love to play as a black guy in the game.

  • I’m pretty excited for the DLCs Torn Banner can do in the future; like adding customizable armor, more weapons, or even more factions. C:MW has so many aspects that can be expanded upon!

    I remember before the beta testing began there was a player emblem customization menu. Will this be a feature that will make it into the game for release, or was it scrapped? It was pretty cool how the main menu “game camera” panned and rotated to the side giving you a view of your player! 8-)

  • I’d love some sort of heraldry to be added. Something like the Battlefield 3 / Max Payne 3 emblem creator that only had set patterns/objects that could be used. As for people using crazy colours, just don’t give them the option. People can create them in grey and the game changes them to the correct colour depending on the team.

    Anyway, not a biggie but it was just something I thought while playing. Good to see others had the same thoughts. :)

  • Maybe even give Vanguards and Knights the option to just run around with the Chain-Mail Coif? I must admit, when i get hit around… and my Bucket Helm falls off. I just love it… until i die :)

    Now, that is… unless the helmet actually does provide a defence barrier, and when it’s knocked off… any blows to the head are more privy to HURTING!!! :)

  • As someone already said, it would be nice to have character customization and by that I mean creating your character to your liking, not necessarily the armour but mainly the face.That would add some variety between each player, for example: hair(short/long/bald,beards, moustaches and hair color),skin color, height and so on.

  • I see no reason why this shouldnt have that, I highly doubt they will go without updating this game, it has content but, is it enough to keep players for years?

  • Torn Banner does plan on releasing multiple DLCs.

  • And they said DLC will be free.

  • @Sir:

    And they said DLC will be free.

    Any DLC that has an impact on gameplay - additional weapons, maps, etc.

    Cosmetic stuff? I wouldn’t mind if they sold that.

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