About overheads with some weapons (marasmus)

  • About overheads with 2h viking weapons and many others.
    Whose stupid idea was to change alt overhead and overhead? Why did you do that?
    A lot of people who played chivalry a lot got used to overhead tracer went form right side and alt form left side. And now alt overhead is overhead and etc. It is completely pointless, is there any adequate reason to change that or maybe they’ve just confused the things up?

    And few words about new knight sword animations.
    1st question is Why?
    2nd they are terrible.

  • different weapons got different tracers
    not all the weapon tracers in MW started from right to left either

    new and uncomfortable weapons are fun to use

  • Not a good way to make a “new” weapon, when people can just change keybinds from alt hit to normal and weapon will become and old one.
    Samurai weapons can be called new ones cuz of completely new tracers, but others look like just a change of a keybind.

  • Did you just complain about something then post a completely painless easy way to fix said complaint?

    Shit changes, and this wasn’t even a change, new weapon = possibility of differences.

  • There’s just more variety in the attacks now, which makes sense with the varied classes. Hell, the ninja’s alt “overhead” with his sword is actually an underhand strike. I like it.

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