Chivalry unplayable because of 6 FPS

  • Hello everyone :)
    As the title mentions I have extreme perfomance issues with Chivalry and I don’t know why I have those.

    My Rig:
    Geforc GTX 460
    AMD A6-3650 APU
    ~8GB DDR3 RAM
    Win 7 Professional 64-bit

    I tried everything: patched my drivers back and forth, patched DirectX back and forth, changed the .ini’s a thousand times, used the NVidia control-panel methode with the gpu selection, start-options in steam, tried everything suggested on the solution-thread…
    nothing worked. There is only one time when I can play the game a bit faster, but it happens very rarely. It is when the intro-screens are almost done, that another loading screen appears which I did never see before. The game runs then at 18 instead of 6 FPS on lowest settings, still unplayable. I used the in-game console witht the commands “stat unit” and “stat FPS”. My FPS were at ~6, the “stat unit” numbers were from first to last: ~190 ms; ~12 ms; ~10 ms; ~175 ms. I don’t really know what they stood for. I’m at my wit’s end and need serious help because Chivalry is a really awesome game, but I’m just so annoyed of it right now. I know that my GPU and CPU aren’t really top-notch gaming gear, but I usually can play games on medium - high configurations with an average of 30 - 45 FPS. I hope anyone can help me as I don’t want to give this game up.

    Edit: How do I get rid of the “PhysX > CPU” caption?

  • did this happen just post the most recent patch? And you mean MW right (not DW)?

    for me, I also see that loading screen (never did pre-patch), which I think isn’t generally seen because the game usually loads by then (for some reason post patch my game takes about 2–3 minutes to load now). Also, although in general my FPS seems to not have been changed (I get around 40 on duel servers on lowest settings), I get way more frequent game “freezes”, where the game freezes for between 1 and maybe 7 seconds and then resumes normal FPS. really annoying

  • when’s the last time you cleaned your fans?

    maybe try re-installing chiv?

    can you play other games okay?

  • I’ve had that exact GPU running latest DW beta at 60 fps, no drops

    Maybe check CPU load? (I don’t know what it could be)

  • I don’t know when it exactly happend because I hadn’t played Chivalry (Yes, MW) in about a month and before I could play it just fine on medium settings with constant 80 FPS.

    That one with cleaning my fans actually doesn’t sound too bad. Will look into it by the next hour probably.

    re-installing already done, but didn’t work. Payday 2 on high, Risen on high (which I hadn’t played in over 2 years, but has arguably good graphics still), Skyrim with around 30 mods on medium - high, and some others on medium to high, running on maybe 60 - 75 FPS just fine.

    Set Chivalry in the taskmanager to high priority once, but it didn’t change anything. My CPU has never been really fully stretched.

    DW is similiar, but sometimes runs better than MW, sometimes worse, maybe it depends on its mood. ^^

  • You could try reverting to an earlier nvidia driver. Maybe the one from July or May?

  • No, there is a setting in the Nvida control panel. The the top of the window you will see File Edit Desktop 3D Settings Help. Under 3D Settings, un-check Show physx Visual Indicator. This will remove the On Screen notice. You can also tell Nvidia what is handling Phyx processing in the Set Physx Configuration button. You can chose Auto, CPU or GPU Testing will give you the best results

    Sadly my super configs Tweaks do not work correctly after the hick up download this weekend. I am currently retesting so when I get a working optimized high FPS config I will post it.

  • I did the driver setback already and it didn’t change anything.

    Thanks for the thing with the on-screen notification ^^

    It looks like it turned out to be the most simple thing possible: Dust. My fans were just simply clogged and my GPU and CPU got a bit hot ^^
    I could play it yesterday on low settings at around 75 - 80 FPS without any problems on 5 different maps.
    But anyway thanks for your suggestions, guys! :DDD

  • Your stat unit numbers are going to be the most helpful thing in trouble shooting performance issues. The numbers you posted are:
    All of these times are an average of 10 frames
    Frame 190 ms : this is total frame time, 190 is really bad.
    Game ~12 ms: This is how long it is taking for your CPU (processor) to process the needed information to render the image. 12 ms is very good.
    Draw~10 ms: This is how long it takes to draw the image on your screen, 10ms is good.
    GPU ~175 ms: This is how long it is taking for your GPU (graphics card) to render the image. 175ms is REALLY BAD.
    So we know the issue is your graphics card.
    You have an APU in your system which is a CPU/GPU hybrid. I think Chivalry might be using the GPU functionality on your APU. Using APU graphics would indeed cause such an issue.

    1. Go to your ‘global’ Nvidia settings, and select your GTX 460 as your main graphics processor. Also, does your APU even show up as an option?
    2. Download MSI afterburner, this is a program that can be used to adjust your GPU speeds and monitor your GPU performance. What’s really nice about Afterburner is it keeps a long history your GPU performance so you can observe it later. Most utilities only show current statistics.

    Here is a video of me benchmarking a game and using MSI afterburner. It is the utility on the left of my secondary monitor.
    In the settings you can adjust what statistics you want to appear on the graphs. The stats we want to see are on GPU temperature and usage.

    Fire up chivalry and report back your temps and GPU usage. Is your GPU usage near 100%? How often?
    Or is your GPU usage very low or maybe even zero?
    Screenshots of your graphs would be nice.
    Afterburner should be listing your GTX 460 as the GPU.
    Monitor your CPU performance in windows task manager as well, is Chivalry using all 4 cores?

  • Will be testing Afterburner right now, but all the things you posted sound very reasonable, thx in advance! :D

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