Game is freezing at start of game.

  • First of all I have tried all the recommended solutions that you suggested.

    My game freezes when ever I try and load into a level. It can happen either on the loading screen or after a few seconds of game play in the level itself. It’s strange because I was playing yesterday for about 4 hours with no issues and now today this is happening constantly and I’ve run out of ideas.

    I have attached my game log and DXdiag files.

  • Am I just going to get ignored? I really want to play this game.

  • Hi Enzil,

    Sorry for the delay. Have you tried verifying your game cache yet? If not, right click on the game, click properties, then local files and then click “verify integrity of the game cache” and let it do its thing. Then restart Steam and try again.

    If it still crashes, upload another launch.log as well as the latest dmp file from the crash (located in same directory as launch.log)


  • looking at the logs, it looks like the game is having problem loading certain files. You haven’t restored the game from a abckup in a different location or anything recently?

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