Can't edit cooked content?

  • So is it correct that we only have access to cooked content and therefore are not able to edit it?
    I tried to edit a material in the material editor but I couldn’t save it. Is there a way?

  • You can copy all the material’s nodes into a new material, save it in a new package and then edit it to your liking.

  • And how would I do that?
    By the way, every 5-10 minutes I get an error saying “You can’t do that on a cooked object” or something like that. I have no idea what the UDK is trying to do every 5-10 minutes (autosaving?) and what I did wrong :(

  • Uhh, ctrl+a, ctrl+c and ctrl+v into your custom material. Then just plug the nodes into the right slots.

    It’s trying to autosave a cooked packege, which you’ve edited. You can’t save a cooked package, hence the error.

    • The skybox may be a bit too low in height, it gives the feeling you are on a flying island.

    • Hard to see through screenshots but the scale looks like small compared to the character

    • If you can tweak it , i think the grass meshes could be less saturated to match with the rest of the environment

    anyway, good job for the hard work and the actual result ! i will be happy to see further modifications :D

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