• So I checked out the existing maps and am a bit overwhelmed with all those colorful boxes :D


    Place one or more LightmassImportanceVolumes around the part of your level that needs detailed global illumination. The radius of these volumes combined will have a huge impact on your build time, so try to encompass the important parts of your level as tightly as possible.

    So it seems Andrew/TBS just places them around the accessible parts of the map. In arena for example it doesn’t encompass the higher walls/stands. Does this affect game performance as well as build time? Are there any important properties I must edit/check?

    Has something do with sound :P Do I need them?


    Cull distance volumes are very useful optimization tools. What they do is automatically set a cull distance for all primitives within the volume, based on the bounds of the individual primitives. The cull distance volume value is only used if it is lower than the set MaxDrawDistance of the primitive.

    Uh, ok. There is one on arena which only encompasses the combs? Can someone explain that for a layman?

    This seems to block camera and player movement?

    I thought the name says everything about this one but I found out it doesn’t block the camera at all. Because when I deleted the DynamicBlockingVolume on arena I could fly everywhere with the spectator cam. So why is it there?

    Also, this player start (none aka spectator cam) is outside of the BlockingVolumes on ArgonsWall. That’s why your camera is locked out.

  • LightmassImportanceVolume - Make light building faster as is prioritizes the area encompassed by the volume

    ReverbVolume - Sound volume used to effect reverb. Used for fine-tuning audio stuff.

    CullDistanceVolume - Cull distance is the max distance at which an object is rendered. By having far away objects no longer render, you will optimize your map (such as having an anvil not render when it is only 1 pixel of screen space in size). The volume will make it so anything inside the volume will have their cull distance overridden if it is smaller than what is specifically if it is smaller than what is set in the object.

    DynamicBlockingVolume - Blocks players and cameras. Pretty much invisible walls to keep players within the bounds of the level or used to create smoother collision in messy areas of static meshes.

    GameCameraBlockingVolume - Should just block only cameras, but I’ve always just used regular blocking volumes. If for some reason you want to just block cameras, try this one and mess around with the settings in it.

  • Thanks a lot Lucas!

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