No sound of any kind whatsoever.

  • I have absolutely no sound. I have updated drivers and I have no Dsound.dll file to delete. My speakers work and other games, both on steam and off, work fine. This didn’t happen a few months ago, but I haven’t played in that long so I cannot determine when the problem began. Please find attached both my dxdiag file and my startlog. I’m more than willing to provide further information upon request, I just want to behead some Agatha scum. :(

  • I get this issue when im playing with my logitech headset.
    Did you try to simply shut down and start up your audio device and wait until a new round starts?

  • This didn’t work.

  • EDIT: when I refer to the OP’s problem, I’m actually talking about a temporary sound loss, not complete sound loss (I read OP wrong)

    funny. Months ago, so patches ago, this used to be a problem for me. Sometimes I’ll join a server, or a server will switch maps, and there would be a “blop” noises and the audio will go out. Leaving the server would have the “blop” again, and the audio would come back for the main menu music. This would repeat until exiting the game, I think.

    anyway, just last night I saw this old friend again! Haven’t played since (tried this morning, but couldn’t get the game to work properly for some reason)

  • I wish that was my problem, Hassay, intermittent sound is preferable to no sound. Has anyone got any suggestions then? I have an urge to play what with the new Chivalry out in the not too distant future. If this problem remains, though, there’s no way I’m buying another TB product.

  • @Lpoolboy:

    I wish that was my problem, Hassay, intermittent sound is preferable to no sound.

    my bad, read the post wrong. GL on fixing it (I have no input on this problem)

  • maybe dumb question but do you have the correct device selected as default in your sound prefs?

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