Crashing after the Patch

  • Hey guys,

    I have following problem. After the update I cant seem to play the game continously. It always crashes after 2-10 mins of gameplay and either gives me the error message run out of memory or udk.exe stopped working. I am running windows 8 64 bit with a i7 quad core and a geforce gtx 780. I also see extreme framerate drop some times while loading levels and while gaming.

    Im pretty sad to say that ist impossible for me to play this game right now and I dont know why. I tried validating the files, running as admin, disabling anti virus, changing the registry in valve, and even reinstalling, but nothing helped. Friends of mine are having similar experiences, but only the ones using win 8.

    Does anyone have similar problems? Can anyone help me?

    I would really appreciate it,


  • This happens to me every ~ 30-60 minutes

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