CDW.exe Crash

  • Is anyone getting this? Occassionally through gameplay, it would crashe and this CDW.exe has stopped working error comes up and i have to restart the game. Thankfully it saves my score but it is rather tiresome.

    Has happened exclusively since the latest patch.

  • Happened to me twice, now. Both today, both within an hour of playing the game. I have no idea what could be causing them.
    In both, I was a knight, but I’ve played knight plenty before without crashing. Hell, this is the first time it’s crashed on me.

  • Deleted: nevermind.

  • Happened again today. Was playing as knight like normal.
    I think what might be causing it are gunshots. In the last two, I heard a shot go off just before the crash. That + playing knight is the only common factor.

  • Happens to me at least once an hour. It never happened before the most recent patch. Please fix this asap.

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