Question about autobalance

  • First of all, is it working? Does it need to be enabled on all servers or what?

    When it does work and it’s 6TDM, is it right for you to get booted off of one team and into an empty team?
    COME ON.

  • It still ain’t working properly.

    And when you first join the server you may not get first choice. But in map choice you should be able to get it more often than not.

    There’s some people out there who don’t mind what class they are. And some would like to be a few of the classes.

    One trick ponies are the ones that will have a problem. But then the rest of the servers gets to see their weaknesses exposed.

  • Yeah, it’s not fully functional yet.
    If it factors in how long someone has been on a team and swap people who have been on them the least amount of time, it’ll be fair.
    Also, it only really effects 20-man servers running a 6-team mode. Honestly, 20man servers should be limited to 4 teams tops.

  • Only auto balance on death seem to be working. And yes, it has to be enabled.

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