How to set up B3 - Windows

  • What you’ll need to have already set up:
    MySQL Server
    A Working Chivalry Server

    Step 1: Install the latest b3 from their website
    Use the ones ending with

    Step 2: Extract the files to a folder.

    Step 3: Make your configuration file

    Enter your Database Configuration (Username, Password, IP, and DB Name)
    Server Query Port is the QueryPort you set under PCServer-UDKEngine

    Rcon Port is the Port you set under PCServer-UDKGame (You might have to add this to the file)

    Rcon Password is the adminpassword you set in PCServer-UDKGame

    Make sure the Update Settings are set to Dev
    Enable any plugins you want.

    Step 4: Upload the SQL file from B3 to initialize the database
    The file is in C:%B3_Installation_dir%\sql\b3.sql.
    You can use PHPMyAdmin or MySQL Workbench to do this.
    When you are done you should see all of the tables.

    Step 5: Start B3
    Run b3_run.exe in your B3 installation directory.
    Should look like this if it started correctly:

    Step 6: Launch your game to become admin
    Type !iamgod in the chat box

    You should now be Super Admin.

    Sample Commands:
    !admins - lists all online admins
    !permban !pb <name><reason>- perma bans a player
    !ban !b <name><reason>- bans a player
    !kick !k <name><reason>- kicks a player
    !warn !w <name><reason>- warns a player
    !list - lists connected players
    !map <name>- switches to the map specified
    !maprotate - changes the map to the next one on the rotation
    !maps -lists map rotation
    !putgroup <client><group>- adds a client to a group (ex. !putgroup name superadmin)
    !say - say a message to all players

    More commands available in /conf/b3_doc.html after starting b3</group></client></name></reason></name></reason></name></reason></name></reason></name>

  • Just to let you know, there area already two fully documented How -To’s on setting up B3 for both windows and Linux.

    search before you post : )

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