Whew, taking apart your monitor is scary business.

  • I’ve built many PC’s over the years, custom cooling solutions, taken GPU’s apart and put them together and all that.

    Just did my first monitor. Man, was it intense. The wires are thin, getting the bezel off can be a pain depending on the factory…

    Then you see all these little defects inside and are like heey, where is the quality standards here.

    Still, I took out the cheapo stand and put in a new one, only to find some interesting things about my monitor:

    1. It’s bezel, at the top and bottom, precisely, are cracked. You can’t really see it ever unless you reallllllllly look for it.
    2. The plastic screw holders inside, some of them we never welded to the actual panel. Making them useless. Thanks QA!
    3. My Vesa 75 x 75 mount = Only 3 screw holes, with a tiny bit of plastic where the 4th hole was supposed to be.
    4. Working on them is a pain, because you do not want to scratch that screen, unlike with other comp parts, you can’t be rough.
    5. The wiring is awkward and flimsy and getting it back on is a hell of alot harder than getting it off.

    Really, and I even had a Guide! Well now every part of my PC has been dismantled and re-assembled and still works for now at least.

  • Oh man I feel like a little kid handling something very fragile and breakable whenever I even install RAM or something simple like that. I’d have a nervous breakdown if I had to fuck with my monitor.

  • I feel the same way! in fact just two days ago I took my computer to get its diagnostics checked, it felt like I was carrying a bomb in the car where just the slightest bump would detonate the whole thing taking half the planet with it.

  • Scariest thing I have had to take apart was an old Tube Style guitar amp.

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