Less projectiles, change the UI and…what's up with flinch?

  • Been playing some more beta, here are some points I think the game could use some changes.

    -The UI, it’s….not great. I mean…why does have to be so big and colorful? I loved the minimalistic (relatively) UI in Medieval Warfare. Everything seems over-sized and in your face. Which brings me to another thing, the announcer. Get rid of it, I’m not fond of it. It seems way too overbearing and I hope you can at least turn it off.

    -Too many projectiles. 4 out of 5 times I die from shit that get’s thrown in my face. From gun shots, to arrows, to throwing stars, the guns actually being thrown by pirates, to frisbee shields. It’s ridiculous, there’s simply put, too many projectiles in the game. I understand that Deadliest Warrior is more a game about individual skill and that all classes need to be able to stand on their own. But giving every class throwables and projectile weapons just makes the battlefield a mess and is incredibly frustrating.

    -Flinch, what happened? Am I seeing things or is it almost nonexistent? Most fights now end up being hit trade fests with people just attacking non stop until the one with the least HP falls down and dies. So what you’re the first in landing a hit, it doesn’t matter now, because your enemy will just strike through it, he don’t care! It’s another thing that makes gameplay really frustrating and I can’t for the life of me understand why it can’t be the same as to how Medieval Warfare handles it.



  • I too have been having some issues with the flinching in DW and I hope it is changed before the final release. I’m not as technically savvy when it comes to game mechanics in DW as compared to MW, but it seems like it takes a lot more to flinch someone in DW than it does in MW ;)

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