Mouse-Directed Swinging

  • After Pre-Ordering Chivalry I went and played a few other FPS games. Some of them, I really noticed a difference in mouse sensitivity with. It turns out they have the camera detached from the mouse, meaning your weapon or whatever you were holding would turn in a different direction before the camera did. This gave me an idea- Mouse directed swinging. For example: In Chivalry, lets say I start to do a horizontal swing, but want to switch to an overhead. Instead of cancelling the horizontal swing, I would just simply move my mouse so that I am facing slightly up, then come down. Then I automatically do an overhead swing.Yes, it is a big idea, but it would definitely further improve the swinging feel of the melee weapons in Chivalry. Also, should this idea even be considered, put it as an option in the options menu. I know that a lot of people could become frustrated with this, because they move their mouse around a lot. Thank you for listening to my idea, I hope I didn’t waste your time.

  • I’m new and haven’t even played the beta, so if I’m leaving out something that maybe within the game, please tell me.

  • Well, Mount&Blade has basically that idea, except that the mouse doesn’t move fully independent from the camera, and you need to cancel your first swing before you initiate the second (happens in a split second). But Chivalry went a different direction on purpose and it would be pretty much impossible to have different ways of moving the camera and the mouse without the player needing three hands (you’ve got to move around too). The pros and cons between these systems are discussed in other topics so I won’t go into that, but if you’re attracted to the directional swing idea, I suggest you to try out games with the Mount&Blade title.

  • Developer

    Just fyi, you can start a high slash and then control the slash with the mouse, to bring it down, creating a swort of overhead slash. All attacks can be maneuvered in such a way.

  • your idea reminds me of classic pc rpg games like daggerfall and such :)

  • It’s generally been decided mouse controlled swings like this wouldn’t fit in Chivalry. There are a lot of tricks you can pull with manipulating your swings as it is, to mislead enemies and sortof feint without feinting.

  • A Mouse-Directed swing would just be too hard to control in the heat of a combat, considering both parts will most likely move their mouse while engaged.

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