Is it just me, or is the shield for knights useless?

  • Tell me your opinions about it.

  • nope, i used in duel against spartan and did fine with it. You can also drop it quick enough to avoid the kick, or also backpedal if gettting kicked so you don’t have to worry about feints yet you can have the shield instead of parry, it’s pretty good actually. I’m going to be using it with sow or mace for sure but i typically just don’t use shields because i like counter attacking. Spartans can counter off their shield so they have that advantage. It’s terrible against ninja though, mostly because their animations are shit and they have almost no windup for their combos and stab for example so i wouldn’t recommend it vs. a ninja.

  • I was doing really well with it the other day. Since the change from Longsword to SoW you can use it almost like a Spartan with more health. SoW is great for thrusting and you can still switch to two handed if you want to start swinging.

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